Introducing Taylor's Corner & Cedar Plank Salmon

I am so excited to introduce a new section on the blog called Taylor’s Corner! Taylor is my husband’s best friend who also shares an extreme passion for cooking, more specifically anything he can grill or smoke. Tyler and Taylor (it has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it?) went to high school together, lived together for 5 years post college, allowed me to be a “third roommate” while my husband and I were dating, and most recently were in each other’s weddings. 

Our dinner parties have gotten an upgrade over the years and have become a big part of our friendship. My favorite kind of dinner parties are the ones where your guests come over wanting to try out new recipes and end up in the kitchen or by the grill with you. And, that is exactly what happens when Taylor and his wife Ashley come over for dinner. 

Recently they came over to kick off the 2015 BBQ season and Taylor pulled out all the stops with this amazing cedar plank salmon recipe.  It was seasoned perfectly and had a hint of smokiness on the finish from the cedar. We had never made cedar plank salmon and were surprised at how easy and tasty it was. We paired it with alfresco sides like caprese, a spring salad, a loaf of rustic bread and a very yummy dessert that I will be sharing next week.   

Whenever Taylor and Ashley come over for dinner, one thing is for sure…there is always plenty of good food, laughter and wine! I hope you enjoy this recipe and many more to come in...Taylor’s corner!


Cedar Plank Salmon

  • Salmon (we used two large fillets- skin on)
  • Grainy Mustard
  • Sprinkle of brown sugar
  • 1-2 large lemons, sliced
  • 1 bundle of green onions, diced
  • Cedar planks (we used 2 from here), soaked for 2+ hours prior to cooking 

Preheat the grill to medium- high heat. Place the salmon skin side down on the cedar planks. Salt and pepper the salmon. Spoon the grainy mustard all over the top of the salmon and sprinkle with brown sugar.  Slice the lemons and place the slices on top of the salmon.  Grill for 20-25 minutes, until flakey. Top with green onions and serve on the cedar planks. Enjoy! 

Greek Kale Salad

The end of Winter has me craving a warm, breezy day where I can kick off my flip flops and enjoy the sunshine. To cure that craving, I made a light yet filling greek kale salad. It is full of nutrients and protein and the dressing takes this kale salad to the next level. 

Greek Kale Salad 


  • 1-2 bunches of Kale
  • Cheery tomatoes
  •  1 ripe avocado
  •  Feta Cheese (full fat)


  • 1/3 C. Red Wine Vinegar (white wine, red wine or champagne vinegar would work)
  • ¼ C. Olive oil
  • Juice of Half a Lemon
  • 1 shallot (small to medium in size)
  • 1 T Dijon Mustard
  • Sea Salt
  • Fresh Ground Pepper

Remove ribs from kale and chop in 1-2” squares and put into a non-reactive bowl. Combine all dressing ingredients in a jar and shake. Pour dressing onto kale and massage with hands for 1-2 minutes. Cover the bowel and put it in the refrigerator for 2-3 hours, or overnight. Add the tomatoes, avocado and feta cheese (and any other toppings of your choice). Toss and enjoy!