Greek Kale Salad

The end of Winter has me craving a warm, breezy day where I can kick off my flip flops and enjoy the sunshine. To cure that craving, I made a light yet filling greek kale salad. It is full of nutrients and protein and the dressing takes this kale salad to the next level. 

Greek Kale Salad 


  • 1-2 bunches of Kale
  • Cheery tomatoes
  •  1 ripe avocado
  •  Feta Cheese (full fat)


  • 1/3 C. Red Wine Vinegar (white wine, red wine or champagne vinegar would work)
  • ¼ C. Olive oil
  • Juice of Half a Lemon
  • 1 shallot (small to medium in size)
  • 1 T Dijon Mustard
  • Sea Salt
  • Fresh Ground Pepper

Remove ribs from kale and chop in 1-2” squares and put into a non-reactive bowl. Combine all dressing ingredients in a jar and shake. Pour dressing onto kale and massage with hands for 1-2 minutes. Cover the bowel and put it in the refrigerator for 2-3 hours, or overnight. Add the tomatoes, avocado and feta cheese (and any other toppings of your choice). Toss and enjoy!